Scientific Works

ISSN-print: 2073-8730
ISSN-online: 2414-0295

For authors

Editorial Board invites university professors, scientific workers, graduate students, doctoral students dealing with grain processing and food industry to submit articles for publication in the scientific journal «Scientific Works»

The procedure for reviewing manuscripts of scientific papers received by editors of the journal «Scientific Works» is as follows:

  1. The manuscripts of research papers received by the editor are subjects to the mandatory peer review;
  2. Chairman of the editorial board determines that the manuscript corresponds to the profile of the journal and to other requirements;
  3. After reviewing the manuscript at the meeting of the editorial board, the manuscript is sent for review to a specialist (doctor or PhD) having the closest experience in the scientific disciplines topic. If the article does not correspond to the profile of the journal, the author is informed on the inability of its publication;
  4. The type of reviewing is bilateral and blind (anonymous). The manuscript sent to reviewers is the private property of the authors and contains information that is not subject to any disclosure. The reviewers are not allowed to make copies of articles and to send the article for reviewing to other persons;
  5. The term of reviewing is not more than two weeks;
  6. The reviewer evaluates:
    • Correspondence of article’s content to its title;
    • Structure of the article (the subject of study, statement of the problem, course of studies, results and conclusions);
    • Presence of scientific or technical innovations in the article;
    • Strengths and weaknesses of the article.
  7. All materials submitted for reviewing are the subject of the mandatory check for plagiarism;
  8. The reviewer determines the feasibility of the article’s publication:
    • To accept the article;
    • To accept the article with minor additional modifications;
    • To review the revised version of the article once more after its serious remaking;
    • To reject the article. The reasoned refusal is sent to the author. The article is not accepted for the additional reviewing.
  9. Manuscript accepted for publication will not be returned to the author;
  10. Manuscript not accepted for publication together with the description of the reasoned refusal will be returned to the author.

To the attention of authors

The authors should present the manuscript of the article (6-8 full pages) as a file in the Microsoft Word format at an electronic carrier, or sent by e-mail. For the electronic version the follow-ing should be added: the paper version of the article, the license agreement for using of the goods signed by all authors. Information about authors should be sent as a separate file indicating the place of work or study, position, academic rank, de-gree, home address with zip code, telephone number with area code. The surname, first name of all authors in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages are given on a separate sheet together with the article title, abstract and keywords in three languages. The abstract should be no less than 30 lines at a font size equal to 10.

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